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In Hummingbirds in Your Garden, you will learn all about hummingbirds; their range, nesting and overwintering sites, why they hum, the differences between males and females, their territorial nature, aerobatics, diet, courtship and many more hummer fun facts. Discover 15 of our favorite hummingbird attracting plants and how to grow them in your garden. See a video about different kinds of feeders, how to care for them, why we use them, how to make nectar, how often to fill, how long to leave the feeder up, and problems with ants.  Among the highlights of the course: get a glimpse of a private garden in New Jersey where hummingbirds thrive. The course closes with good books, intriguing websites and where to purchase hummingbird plants. Once registered and enrolled in the class, you will have 45 days to enjoy the hummingbird resources. Cost of the class is $25.

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